Host a Royal Wedding Watch Party to Remember

Share the fun as William and Kate tie the knot with your own viewing party.

The Royal Wedding is now less than three days away. Whether you plan on watching it live or catching the recap later, we’ve got some ideas to help you plan the ultimate viewing party.

Let them eat cake. When Marie Antoinette supposedly uttered these famous words (which most historians agree she never actually said), it was a sign of contempt for commoners. But come on. Cake is delicious! You definitely want to have the sweet treat at your regal party. Wilton Homewares sells a crown-shaped cake pan fit for a queen—or commoner with exquisite taste.

Top it off. Nobody loves an überdecorated hat more than the British. Get one closer to home at Ellie Gibbler, which offers a wide selection of embellished caps that will ensure you’re the belle of your own ball. 

Get ready for teatime. Considering royal wedding coverage on some channels starts around 3 a.m. local time, you’re going to need a pick-me-up to stay peppy through the nuptials. It’s only fitting that your caffeinated beverage of choice should be England’s staple: tea. Whether you like your tea fruit-flavored and mild or traditional and strong, Brookhaven Marketplace has a wide variety of teas from throughout Europe. The market’s website also offers clever suggestions such as making ice cubes from tea so as not to dilute your drink.

Dress up your Aristocat—or dog. Do you want your pet looking at you longingly with puppy-dog eyes while you and your pals have all the fancy fun? I didn’t think so. PetSmart has the solution. The pet superstore stocks royal-themed attire for the four-legged set, such as this pink princess dress for your special pooch.

Get a bloom. Decorate your table with tulips, available for $6.99 a bunch at Jewel through Wednesday. If you put them in a vase filled with cold water and a single penny (the copper keeps the petals from opening too much), the flowers should be at their peak on Friday. To be extra-authentic, go for white: According to People magazine, British royal brides traditionally carry an all-white bouquet.

Where to shop

  • Wilton Homewares, 7511 Lemont Road
  • Ellie Gibbler, 1224 Plainfield Road
  • Brookhaven Marketplace, 7516 S. Cass Avenue
  • PetSmart, 2153 75th St.
  • Jewel, 7335 S. Cass Ave.


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