Smashburger Comes to Town

Lauren and Michelle take a bite out of Darien's newest burger joint.

Patch was lucky enough to snag an invitation to the Smashburger preview party Tuesday. Free burgers? Sign us up.

We sampled a range of burger joint treats to give you the lowdown on what to expect if you visit the Darien Smashburger.


Michelle: Before ordering, we were given a sample of Smashfries seasoned with rosemary, olive oil and garlic. I have to admit I wasn’t certain that I would like rosemary on fries, but they were so good and perfectly seasoned that I was eager to taste the other menu items.

Lauren: I love me some French fries, and this variety did not disappoint. The rosemary and garlic flavors were a delicious, savory combination—salty and complex.

Windy City Smashburger 

Michelle: The Windy City Smashburger was delicious. The burger was juicy, the toppings were just right, and the pretzel bun made the sandwich ideal.

Lauren: Between the fried shoestring onions, mustard and seasonings used on the meat itself, the Windy City burger had a very tasty blend of flavors. Despite the huge pile of toppings, everything stayed securely within the bun’s confines, so I got a great mix of all the ingredients with each bite.

Spicy Baja Burger

Michelle: The Spicy Baja Burger was topped with pepper jack cheese, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, onion, chipotle mayo and fresh jalapenos, and served on a chipotle bun. The combination was very flavorful and I enjoyed the spiciness of the jalapenos and pepper jack without finding it too hot.

Lauren: The first bite of the Spicy Baja Burger was rich and smoky, followed quickly with a peppery kick. It’ll clear out your sinuses, for sure.

Sweet Potato Smashfries 

Michelle: I found the Sweet Potato Smashfries tasty, as they were also seasoned like the regular Smashfries.

Lauren: I liked the traditional Smashfries a little better, but the Sweet Potato fries were still yummy. They score high on looks: With a deep orange color and crust of salt, I say they qualify as “fancy fries.”

Veggie Frites

Michelle: The Veggie Frites were enjoyable. Flash fried carrots, asparagus and carrots are an appealing alternative to traditional burger sides.

Lauren: Even though they were fried, the Veggie Frites still retained some crispness. Since they’re not battered, they’re a (slightly) lighter dish. 

Fried Pickles

Michelle: The fried pickles could become a secret addiction for me, with or without the ranch dressing offered on the side. I loved the saltiness of the pickles underneath the breading. These would be great with a nice cold beer (which Smashburger offers as well). But I did enjoy my Smashtea, the “Crush” variety, which promotes mental clarity, something I occasionally lack at my age. 

Lauren: I’ll eat just about anything fried but despite that predilection, I’d never tried fried pickles before. I was impressed with how juicy they were under the batter. They also had a nice sour kick. 

Harvest Chicken Smashsalad

Michelle: The Harvest Chicken Smashsalad was a very generous portion and the perfect variety and amount of ingredients. I loved the inclusion of pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Lauren: I liked how cold the greens were: a mix of romaine and spinach. The vinaigrette was well balanced—not too acidy.

Napkin Tally

Michelle used six napkins and Lauren used four—a sure sign of a satisfying meal.


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