Where Does Your Puzzle Piece Fit? How is your piece shaped?

Are we all part of one big puzzle? Where does your piece fit?

Hi Everyone!

I was reading an article about the Moroccan government and how they are going to try to make women safer and get rid of some of the laws that are detrimental to women. I have been reading with horror about the raping of women in India and the justice system suggesting they marry their attackers. I have also been reading about enormous strides being made in Jordan for women and children in terms of education and opportunity. Then I listen to a recording of Susan Boyle from the UK sing Hallelujah and I am blown away. I am addicted to watching flash mobs on YouTube. Then I look at my Twitter feed and see all the different people I follow...John & Hank Green the brilliance behind the Crash Course videos...Brent Spiner/Sir Patrick Stewart (actors extraordinaire)...Emeril Lagasse...Chris Kluwe...Bob Richards...Elon Musk...Archaeology News...Atlas Obscura...Leonard Nimoy... and it makes me think, wow!!! There are so many different people in this world. They all are finding their way, trying to do what they love!

You know what I think? I think we are all pieces in a huge puzzle. I know it sounds corny and some may even say trite, but that's really what this is. All of us are puzzle pieces. Some of us have no idea what shape we are so we have yet to find our place in the puzzle. Some of us have known our shape from the get go and have taken our place in the picture. Some of us have a pretty good idea what our shape is but we need a little fine tuning to get it "just right" enough to fit into the whole. 

And what a Whole Picture on this puzzle it is!!!!! Ever see those pictures of the Earth from the sky? See how beautiful the Earth is...where all the light is concentrated and where there are no lights...Big cities...Big forests? That's OUR picture on OUR puzzle.

The Earth is a stunning and amazing place. I am discouraged by our lack of commitment to address the environmental concerns of the planet. However, maybe, that's just part of the puzzle. Many civilizations have been here before us and there will probably be many more if we take care of the structure that's holding our puzzle.

With all that being said, I believe EVERYONE fits into the puzzle. EVERYONE is part of the picture. Everyone from the United States to Asia to Europe and ALL of the continents. And every TYPE of person. Every SHAPE and SIZE. Every different intellect...Every different religion...Every different strength and every different weakness. We are ALL part of the picture that the puzzle pieces form.

My question to you today is this: what does YOUR puzzle piece look like? What's YOUR place in the puzzle? 

Where does your puzzle piece fit?

As usual, thank you for reading my ramblings! 

Stay healthy! Eat well! Be happy!

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