Letter to the Editor: District 99 Board President Bill White Seeks Re-Election

White filed for re-election to the school board on Monday.

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The following was submitted by Community High School District 99 Board President Bill White, who filed paperwork for the April 9, 2013 consolidated election Monday morning.

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To the editor:

On Monday, I filed for re-election to the Community High School District 99 Board of Education.

I am running for re-election because I believe strong, locally controlled public schools are a vital cornerstone of our community. I believe I have provided calm, steady leadership while promoting the idea that all District 99 constituencies deserve to have their voices heard. I also understand and support the distinction between an elected school board, which establishes the overall direction for the district, and our professional educators, who implement the district’s mission on a day-to-day basis. Finally, I am guided by the belief that although District 99’s two schools serve a number of municipalities, we are all members of one community.

District 99 has been a strong and successful district for many years; however the last two years have seen an exceptional list of accomplishments that will benefit our entire community well into the future.

  • Quietly and with minimal controversy, we reached agreement on a teachers contract that is frugal and yet fair to both the taxpayers and our faculty;
  • The overall costs of administration remain admirably low, both in comparison with other districts and in comparison with amounts spent on student instruction;
  • Transparency regarding district operations, strategic planning, board meetings and finances has been enhanced in a number of different ways;
  • District 99 has strengthened its relationships with all constituent communities;
  • Beautiful new outdoor facilities have been installed, and of greatest importance;
  • Student achievement has remained strong, both in the traditional academic subject areas and in music, speech, theater, athletics and the many other co-curricular endeavors that make District 99 a truly remarkable school district.

I am also proud and pleased to note that all of these accomplishments have occurred within the constraints of a balanced and responsible budget.

Deborah Boyle has also filed for re-election to the District 99 Board of Education. I support Mrs. Boyle in her bid for re-election, not because we always agree, but because we have been able to work together effectively and productively notwithstanding our disagreements. Despite our larger political differences, Mrs. Boyle and I do share a common commitment to ensuring that all stakeholders within our community are afforded a seat at the table, so their voices may be heard, with respect and courtesy. Successful representative government requires a willingness to cooperate and collaborate, especially among those with whom we disagree, and is absolutely necessary if we are to engage the entire community in supporting our public schools.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season and I look forward to sharing my vision as to how strong, locally controlled public schools will benefit everyone in the District 99 community.

Bill White

Candidate for District 99 School Board


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