Hinsdale High School Teachers Union Needs to Respect Taxpayers

Westmont resident writes that average salary of Hinsdale high school teachers exceeds most median incomes in district.

I think it is very American for an employee to strive for the highest income they can command. The sobering fact is that in Hinsdale District 86 the salaries of the unionized teachers, guidance counselors, social workers, etc., are greater than the median incomes for most of the district’s residents.

Median income for residents in District 86 are:

Hinsdale- $140,125

Burr Ridge - $97,285

Clarendon Hills - $84,886

Oak Brook - $82,000

Willowbrook - $57,050

Darien - $51,045

Westmont - $47,145 

Source: usacityfacts.com

The average teacher salary for District 86 exceeds $111,000, which, again, exceeds all median incomes in the district except those those living in Hinsdale.  

As all workers hope for raises every year, they can only be given raises if the company or organization that pays them has the money to do so. The tax cap is limited by CPI (consumer price index) and the teachers’ union is asking for an average increase of 5.2 percent, which is nearly three times the CPI-based tax and not sustainable.   

In an area where property taxes have more than doubled (some almost tripled) in the last decade, things are getting pretty tight here. Residents took a financial hit during the recession years while teachers enjoyed increases. We are thankful that the Dist. 86 Board of Education managed to offer both the teachers a raise of 1.7 percent or 100 percent of CPI, while freezing our property taxes.  These volunteer board members shouldn’t be demonized for keeping to a budget and advocating for students and taxpayers.  

Hopefully the union will show respect for the taxpayers and accept the district’s offer this week. Harmony can be achieved with a simple agreement and then all parties can get back to focusing on educating our kids.



Carla Feinkind July 11, 2014 at 03:56 PM
Thank you Linda. When did teaching, a professional endeavor, become missionary work?
Linda Burke July 12, 2014 at 03:58 PM
Like most people who support the present board majority, "Missy S" doesn't want to comment under his/her real name. I don't normally comment on pseudonymous postings, but this one is a direct misrepresentation of my statements, so I thought it best to respond. Of course, those who have actually read my comments won't be fooled. I have never disparaged the new hires. Not once. My point is that the present majority is trying to save money by hiring ONLY new teachers at the bottom of the pay scale, instead of looking for a mix of new teachers and the best experienced teachers. I am a teacher myself (as noted by Mr. Corcoran, who uses the word "teacher" as a slur), so of course I well remember my passion and commitment as a new teacher. In case anyone hasn't been paying attention so far, I never said there is anything wrong with new teachers, much less disparaged the newly hired teachers in District 86. My point is only that experienced teachers, including the best of the best from other districts, also bring something important to the table. I've said this before, but it bears repeating, that the present board majority has NOT SAVED ANY MONEY by hiring only inexperienced teachers, cutting course offerings, or letting teachers go. They have spent as much or more as they have saved, by hiring more administrators, overpaid administrators, crony hires, expensive outside consultants, and an attorney paid by the hour to craft the odious Barrett settlement, even though her case was dismissed and there was no need to settle. The settlement compromises the privacy of student documents (parents may now view confidential students records without parental consent) and will surely lead to further lawsuits. I would like to know how anyone could possibly defend all this squandering of taxpayer dollars on purposes not only remote from education, but actually harmful to students. How can this conduct be defended? Fortunately, many people are waking up to the real agenda of the present board majority. They are radically anti-teacher and not fiscally conservative at all.
Missy S July 12, 2014 at 07:37 PM
Sorry to disappoint but I am not familiar with your board, but am a teacher in a less affluent district who has been more insulted by these statements than your board members you are trying so hard to tear apart. I live in Westmont, have a masters degree, and make just shy of $50k. If I had your job, I would be thankful. Your 1.7% raise on your $111,000 salary sounds pretty good to me. I don't think you should be worried about being driven to poverty level. You are slamming so many people it is embarrassing.
Linda Burke July 12, 2014 at 08:39 PM
In case there is any miscommunication here, I don't teach in District 86 or any other public school district. My salary is nowhere near $111,000, nor will it ever be. I am the parent of two Hinsdale Central graduates, a concerned resident, and a taxpayer. Exactly how am I "slamming" anyone? If I have unknowingly sent out inaccurate information, I will send out a correction. Telling the truth is not "slamming."


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