Judge Sets Trial Date for Triple Murder Suspect

The judge also struck down the defense's motion to subpoena information about interrogation training and techniques used by police.

A jury trial for the man accused of orchestrating the shooting deaths of three members of the Kramer family more than two years ago is scheduled to begin Jan. 29, 2013, Judge Daniel Guerin said Tuesday.

During the hearing, Guerin also denied a motion from Johnny Borizov’s defense team to subpoena information regarding interrogation techniques police used when questioning co-defendant Jacob Nodarse.

Nodarse pleaded guilty but mentally ill last year to pulling the trigger of the gun that killed Jeffrey and Lori Kramer, as well as their son Michael. Angela Kramer, Borizov’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child, hid in a closet and called 911 during the attack. Nodarse is expected to testify during Borizov's trial

Defense attorney Richard Kling said he would need to know what interrogation technique police used on Nordarse if he needs to question officers about it during the trial.

“I don’t know what’s going to happened during the trial, but it’s up to the defense to adequately prepare,” Kling said. 

Assistant State’s Attorney Joseph Ruggiero referred to the defense’s motion as a “fishing expedition” since they didn’t know if or how they might use the information about interrogation techniques. 

As Guerin denied the motion, he said he didn’t see that the information was necessary to the defense. 

“It might be nice to have in an ideal situation, but I don’t know that you can’t properly prepare without it,” Guerin said.

A status hearing was also scheduled for Aug. 7 to discuss the defense’s request for Nodarse’s medical records.

SouthSide June 06, 2012 at 03:55 PM
I hope he stays behind bars for the rest of his natural life.


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