IDOT Studying I-55 'Managed Lane' Idea; Commuter Survey Being Conducted

A survey is being taken to get public input on whether drivers would like to see the median as an extra lane of traffic and whether they'd be willing to pay for the convenience.

The Illinois Department of Transportation is considering a "managed lane" of traffic on Interstate 55 -- possibly with a fee charged -- to help reduce congestion and create a more predictable commute to and from Chicago.

IDOT's Managed Lane Project is studying the possible addition of a lane of traffic on I-55 in each direction that would begin at Interstate 355 and end at Interstate 90/94, aka the Dan Ryan Expressway.

The first step is a survey on IDOT's Web site seeking such information as how frequently the survey taker uses I-55 is to commute to Chicago, how often they run into delays because of construction or accidents, and if they seek out alternate routes because of traffic problems.

It also asks, "To take advantage of the benefits of reliable travel times, would you be willing to pay a user fee for a managed lane?"

The deadline to complete the survey, which can be accessed by clicking here, is Dec. 15.

IDOT and the Federal Highway Administration will also complete an environmental evaluation to satisfy National Environmental Policy Act requirements.

Comments can be made by in writing to the Illinois Department of Transportation, John Baczek c/o Srikanth Panguluri, Region One/District 1, 201 W. Center Court, Schaumburg, IL 60196, or by calling 847-705-4073.

For additional information, send email to dotinmotion@illinois.gov.

Robert K November 13, 2012 at 04:03 PM
Here's an idea, just build another lane for free! Use some of the money from the toll roads, they must be collecting millions PER DAY!


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