107 District 99 Students Selected to Perform at Illinois Music Educators Association Festival

Students will perform alongside the state's top high school musicians in November.

Community High School District 99 announced Monday that 107 students have been selected to perform in the 2012 Illinois Music Educators Association (IMEA) District Band, Choir, Orchestra and Jazz Band groups.

Students auditioned and those with the top placing scores were selected to participate in the District Music Festivals, which will be held in November.

“Selection to the IMEA All-District ensembles is a big honor for a high school musician,” said Brayer Teague, North High’s Fine Arts Department Chair. “This is the second-highest number of all-district placements in the history of our school, and we are very proud of these students for their hard work. Our faculty is excited for these students who will now have the opportunity to collaborate with the most outstanding musicians in our region.”

“The total number of participating students continues to be consistently high on an annual basis,” said South High Fine Arts Chair Glenn Williams. “Additionally, South High is equally well represented in all areas of ensemble performance— and, choir, orchestra and jazz band.”

Downers Grove North High School

Winds and Percussion

Kevin Atwater (10): Clarinet (Band)

Jim Burke (12): French Horn (Orchestra)

Erin Elgass (12): Alto Sax (Band)

Todd Griffin (9): Tuba (Band)

Megan Hung (9): Clarinet (Band)

Brett Latman (12): Trumpet (Band)

Kyle Lewandowski (11): Clarinet (Band)

Sean McCormick (12): Oboe (Band)

Joe Pacheco (11): Trumpet (Band)

Megan Sybeldon (12): Bass Clarinet (Band)

Jennifer Vetrone (10): Trumpet (Band)

Marckus Simmons (12): Percussion (Band)


Augustine Calvino (12): Alto Sax

Sebastian Calvino (11): Trombone

Jeremy Craven (11): Trumpet

Charlie Dawes (11): Trombone

Tommy Donnelly (11): Trumpet

Erin Elgass (12): Alto Sax

Justine Hung (11): Piano

Robby Kulik (11): Drums

Brett Latman (12): Trumpet

Kyle Lewandowski (11): Tenor Sax

Nate Little (12): Bari Sax

Sam O’Neil (12): Trumpet

Joe Pacheco (11): Trumpet

Spencer Schillerstrom (11): Tenor Sax

Jennifer Vetrone (10): Trumpet

Joe Vitti (12): Bass Trombone


Elizabeth Brunell (11): Soprano 1

Anna Burton (11): Alto 2

Holly Houghton (12): Soprano 1

Madelaine Isobal (12): Alto 2

Erik Jensen (11): Bass 2

Shannon Kennedy (10): Alto 2

Jennifer Luby (12): Soprano 2

Ben McCrimmon (11): Bass 2

Patrick Murray (12): Tenor 1

Kate Weyers (12): Alto 1


Cameron Box (12): Violin

Alex Buckley (12): Violin

Tristan Burnham (12): Violin

Louis Buttny (12): Violin

Anthony DePaz (12): Violin

Tim Edwards (9): Cello

Katie Krainc (12): Violin

Michelle Libby (11): Harp

Liam Morgan (9): Cello

Rachel Pfeifer (10): Cello

Katie Portman (11): Violin

Ari Scott (9): Cello

Amelia Smerz (9): Cello

Tom Svoboda (12): Double Bass

Sarah Williams (11): Viola

Downers Grove South

Winds and Percussion

Marjorie Fera (12): Trumpet (Orchestra)

Bridget Moroney (9): Clarinet (Band)

Zak Paskvan (12: Tuba (Orchestra)

Julia Poska (9): Clarinet (Band)

Dan Reeter (12): Clarinet (Band)

Kelsey Richardson (11): Bass clarinet (Band)

John Shimanek (11): Trumpet (Band)

Kayleigh Stewart (11): Flute – (Band)

Sam Tedeschi (10): Tuba (Orchestra)

Josiah Williams (12): Trombone (Orchestra)

Rachel Wydra (11): Bassoon (Orchestra)


Andrew Molina (11): Cello

Sean Hux (12): Cello

Allison Williams (10): Cello


Mara Alvarez (11): Alto I

Caitlin Carlson (11): Alto I

Caitlin Carr (11): Soprano I

Scott Conger (11): Tenor II

Mariah Copeland (11): Alto I

Olivia Germann (12): Soprano I

Maddie Kuerschner (12): Alto II

Dan Leahy (12): Tenor I

Lian Lucansky (11): Alto II

Ashley Maghirang (12): Alto II

Andrew Mahlan (11): Bass II

Taylor Meek (12): Alto II

Brian Moroney (11): Bass I

Rose Murphy (11): Soprano I

Natasha Prosek (11): Alto II

Ruth Reeve (12): Alto I

Savannah Riemer (12): Soprano I

Taylor Roberts (12): Alto II

Christian Siki (12): Bass I

Shannon Snyder (11): Alto I

Cody Strolia (12): Bass I

Kaitlyn Trevor (12): Alto II

Elly Walsh-Rock (12): Alto I

Chris Yaneza (12): Tenor II

Jazz Band

Nathaniel Gresik (11): Trumpet

Sean Hux (12): Tenor sax

Tommy Leinart (9): Piano

Joe Perillo (12): Drums

Chris Reusz (12): Alto sax

John Shimanek (11): Trumpet

Christian Siki (11): Alto sax

Danny Tedeschi (12): Trombone

Michael Tegeler (9): Trombone

Josiah Williams (12): Trombone

Ian Williams (12): Piano

Michal Witek (12): Guitar

Julia Wood (12): Bass

For more information about the IMEA, visit www.ilmea.org.

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