New Assistant Principal Named at Lace Elementary

Students will find out today that Joey Bonanotte will be their new assistant principal

Joey Bonanotte, who has taught band at in Darien for the past seven years, has been named the school's new assistant principal. Although the decision was made final on Tuesday, Bonanotte has been learning the ropes of the position for the past three years, having been a part of District 61's administrative internship program.

"Joey’s going to be a great asset here. He’s very involved in the school, has a great connection with parents, staff and students. His high energy style and work ethic is beyond reproach," said Lace Elementary School Principal Marty Casey. "It was a kind of a logical choice for him to be selected."

Bonanotte, a Homewood resident, moves into the position vacated by Amy Brundage after she moved to Colorado.

"I’ve always enjoyed working with parents ... there's a pretty large population involved in the music program, and I've enjoyed being connected with community members," said Bonanotte.

Bonanotte will continue in his position as band director, along with taking on his new responsibilities as assistant principal.

Chris Powles September 02, 2012 at 09:08 PM
JK: You clearly are a man of integrity yourself, as evidenced by your choice to post your comments anonymously.
Chris Sunryder September 02, 2012 at 09:34 PM
Wow. I thought the article was pretty good any mistakes aside. What I am astounded by is the basic harassing of the editor. It must feel so good pointing out the shortcomings of others. We all make mistakes but it doesn't help when someone basically hammers home the fact that they noticed. Anyone can pound on a table extolling their own accolades but is it really needed to make a point? Constructive criticism should always be welcomed but it doesn't have to be accompanied by by such animosity. And their isn't a person alive who can assume to know what another individuals work schedule is like or how busy they might be. That type of comment screams of arrogance. Personally I thought the initial reply from Ms. Wu was fairly witty and humorous. It kind of makes me want to follow her articles more since I know she has a sense of humor. "JK" I think should have simply left it at that rather than trying to get the last word in. The same goes to his "clone" nitewriter98. That type of harassment should be left to pundits like O'Reilly, Limbaugh and Coulter. It simply doesn't belong here. Looking down your nose at someone that made a simple mistake in editing doesn't deserve the brow-beating she is being given. The point was made. So let it go and move on. Now I realize that this is simply my own opinion on the situation I know that my own reply will more than likely be attacked as well. And you know what? Go ahead. I'm moving on. And getting a cheeseburger as well. Take care.
Nick Philipps September 02, 2012 at 09:44 PM
Missing quotation marks and a name that was cut off does not qualify as inaccuracy. Signing in as two different users and berating someone over the Internet anonymously does not qualify as integrity.
Sabrina Wu September 02, 2012 at 10:19 PM
OK, folks: I don't want this article that is supposed to be about Mr. Bonanotte to turn into an argument on the site. I should have proofread the article again after publication. I honestly don't know how the quote marks and name dropped off, but I apologize. I am truly sorry about the two quotations marks that were missing and for leaving off Ms. Brundage's name. I also apologize for losing patience with JK/nitewriter98 or whoever he might choose to call himself going forward. I know I can only ask for understanding, but just because I ask for understanding that mistakes can happen, does not mean that people will give it. I accept that. I am sorry, and I have updated the article.
Jack Black January 19, 2013 at 08:43 PM
LOL @JK and nitewriter98! Spending more than two decades of your life writing about cardboard boxes does not mean you have “worked in the journalism field for the past 20-plus years”! Unless you won a Pulitzer prize for your in-depth reports about corrugated packaging, it’s pretty obvious the closest you’ve come to being a journalist is harassing one on an online news site, because you were lucky enough to catch some typos! http://www.linkedin.com/pub/julie-knight/2/8b1/a07


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