You don’t have to know me very long to know that I love snow.  While most people complain about it, I look forward to it.  I think that snow is full of beauty and opportunity.  I’ve blogged about it a few of times.  I’ve compared it to God’s grace that perfectly covers all the ugliness of earth with a perfect white blanket.  http://www.theroadtofaith.com/2010/12/its-snowing/  I have also suggested that we embrace its silence and the temporary nature of snow that is completely dependent on temperature. http://www.theroadtofaith.com/2011/12/the-first-snow/  I adore is the fact that snow is doing an important job in the cycle

of nature.  It’s providing a much needed amount of life giving water in a period of dormancy or hibernation.


Definition:  hibernate (intransitive verb)hai bə neit 1.  Pass winter asleep; to be in a dormant state resembling sleep over the winter while living off reserves of body fat, with a decrease in body temperature and pulse rate and slower metabolism.  Animals that hibernate include bears, bats, and many amphibians.  2.  Become less active; to become less active, especially by staying at home rather than going out to socialize.


Dormant (adjective) dɔ:r mənt  1.  Not actively growing; in an inactive state, when growth and development slow or cease, in order to survive adverse environmental conditions.  2.  Temporarily inactive; temporarily inactive or not in use.  3.  Not erupting; describes a volcano that is not erupting, but not extinct.  4.  Latent; latent and able to be aroused.


The word hibernate actually comes from the Latin root meaning “to winter”.  When a tree lies dormant, it seems as if life has been removed.  But, the reality is life is having a regeneration and all that glorious snow is slow nourishing it with water as it melts.  It also acts as an insulator to harsh temperatures and wind.  Snow protects and feeds during a crucial period of rest.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.   Matt 11:24

We all need rest.  We all long for rest.  We all occasionally pray for rest.  It’s not only enjoyable, but required to continue living!  Especially this time of year when we tend to run around like crazy take a moment and see what it feels like to hibernate.  Take a breather.  Put up the weary feet and give up the burden of your thoughts and simply rest.  I assure you, that you will come back, blossom and grow.

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