J.C. Evans
I work as a freelance artist performing jobs in illustration, graphic design and video production around the Chicago area.  I grew up in Northern Michigan where I attended Central Michigan University as an English Major.  My passion for writing and music took me across the country for five years until I decided to go back to school to continue my studies here in Chicago. 
I am currently studying art and design at Westwood College in Woodridge.  I enjoy producing artwork in a variety of different media forms including film and painting.  Living in the Chicago area has been a great experience for me.  Having the opportunity to be surrounded by such a large art community has really inspired me to continually practice and learn my crafts. I am also really enjoying my time with Patch.com as it has really helped to familiarize me with not only my community, but the surrounding communities as well.  Learning more about the history of the area, finding a park I never had taken a walk in and finding new places to eat are just some of the things I have discovered while working with Patch.com.  Besides, there can never be too many restaurants serving their version of a Chicago style hot dog!  Now I know where to go when I want to find a new one.  My family has deep roots in the Chicago area and now I am getting to explore and enjoy it for myself.
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